Monday, May 12, 2014

Byron Times, and Whisky Drinking.

I know I always blog about how much I love winter, but Im pretty stoked that its here and starting to set in. Im starting to think about winter projects and all the great things Im planning on doing. One of my best friends and I are planning a pretty great side project blog........I'll keep you posted on that one as it comes together. 

Last time I wrote I was feeling pretty inspired about doing some cooking and having a crack at my first building project, which is now complete. I built a little crate for the back of my bike to make it easier for carting around wine and cakes. These days I go everywhere on bike, and with the extra storage space it makes life extra easy. 

Last week I took a little trip up to Byron Bay to have a holiday with my sister. We stayed in a little beach like self contained shack. It was beautiful, but the best thing about it was that it was only two minutes walk from a little whisky bar called 'The Road House.' I think its a newish place. During the day they serve breakfast and lunch and at night time they stoke up a big fire, cook beautiful rustic food and sell a huge selection of whiskies. There was also a pretty great (although small) wine list. My sister and I set up there for most of our holiday, drinking and reading books, only venturing out to other places in search of other restaurants and well.....more wine. If you happen to be passing though Byron anytime soon I very much recommend you check it out.   

After a trip away I felt so happy to come back to my little patch of Melbourne. The week ahead is quickly filling up with dinner parties with friends, catering work, and shifts in the kitchen, but today Im spending a little time pottering around my garden, baking a whisky a pear tart from Donna Hay's most recent magazine (Im all about whisky at the moment, and luckily so is Donna Hay.)

Hope your enjoying all the winter weather, and baking some treats at home too!


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