Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life Things

Winter is starting to creep in, and its filling me with so much joy. On my days off my housemate and I are going for bike rides through the cold crisp air to visit local cafes, and at night warming dinners are being cooked to accompany rich red wines. I always think everything feels just a little bit more special in winter. To me winter feels like everyday is sunday, it just has this glorious sleepy feeling to it where you could stay in bed reading all day or potter around the house for hours while drinking tea. 

This week I've decided to embark on a few new projects. Im going to made some ginger beer and apple cider. I'll keep you posted with how they both go. I've also been considering a woodwork project, to make a apple crate for my bike. I've never really done wood work, so I pre-emptively feel a little sorry for whoever serves me at the hardware. I'm really going to bombard them with questions. 

My little vegetable patch is coming along nicely. Im really enjoying learning all about growing food, and watching how the seasons take effect on the different plants. I bought a whole heap of ornamental kales to plant in my front garden from a new nursery that opened up not far from my house. Just as a side note, I would like to add that the nursery was stocked with not only glorious plants but also the pretties lovelies boys to help serve. I felt so very grateful for the wealth of knowledge my father has been pouring out to me about growing plants, so that I could go in and not look silly. 

I best be off, I have all my projects to start on, a pot of tea waiting for me and some very good books to read.

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