Tuesday, February 10, 2015

For now.

So I have been home just over a week now. Here is a small list of some of the things I have been doing: I went to a meditation group, I did a yoga class, I threw a party, I went to the beach, I taught myself how to do yoga head stands, I started doing two shifts a week of baking cakes for three hours, I went to a buddhist group, I wrote some poetry, I went to a poetry night in order to see if I was up to scratch for a reading, I organised my subjects for university, I ate a lot of pho, and I saw my girlfriends for a lot of 'wine tastings' (aka we drank a lot of wine.)

Thats what life has been like while I've waited for uni to start. You know all those books you buy but never get around to reading because your too busy? I've been reading them all. At night I've been falling asleep (and actually being able to sleep without waking up thinking about work) with the curtain open so I can see the moon. It reminds me of the time I slept under the stars when I was fourteen, and I could hardly sleep out of joy. I was too full on life.

Its so sunny in Melbourne at the moment and Im so happy to be warm again after shivering away in Amsterdam and Paris. My friends and I are planning picnics and I have been taking long afternoon naps. I drink beers in the garden with my housemates, as we watch the seedlings I planted this week grow.

Life will not always be this simple. I am aware of this. Uni will soon start and I will have to find more work to support myself. For now though, Im happy to ride my bike around, content that everything is just as it should be.