Saturday, November 23, 2013

On Life and Macaroons.

Over the last few months life has become incredibly, insanely busy. Life just got a little too large and I took a little break from writing. So I'd like to say a little sorry to my readers for not posting up and rants or recipes lately. 

So lets talk about life. Lets talk about cake. Lets talk about how funny life can be, but most importantly please lets talk about macaroons! 

My story of the macaroon is a bit of a bitter sweet one. I never felt like I quite mastered those tricky little beauties, so I decided to work on them for a month as a gift for a special someone. The macaroons where such a trial, and I made batch after batch and just as they starting looking a wee bit better life took a funny turn and I found I no longer has a recipient for all these lovely cookies. 

So what did I do? I went for some long runs, I listened to some soulful music, I drank some cocktails, I ate a huge steak tartare and talked on and on and on to my friends. My boss looked at my sternly one day and said "You must not do what most people do when faced with the end of a relationship. You must not drink, and you must not smoke. You should however eat some wonderful food." I took this

advice, as it came from one of the wisest pastry chefs I know, and took myself out to dinner. I ate at all the places I have wanted to eat out at. 

The thing that helped most of all though turned out to be making macaroons. My boss let me take charge of the operation and I made 300 in two days. Three hundred of the most beautiful macaroons I have ever made. They were lovely and glossy and smooth. So this is what I learnt...... making macaroons and dealing with your heart are both very fragile things. Both can be cracked, both are sensitive, and both are tricky to know how to handle, but if you really embrace them....there is really nothing at all to be afraid of. 

So that is my story of the macaroon, and it turns out to be not such a bad tail at all.