Friday, May 16, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch.

Today was one of those glorious sunny days in Melbourne. Everything was so lovely, except for me. I woke in the worst mood. I tried everything to lift it. I made a pot off coffee, it didn't help. I went for a bike ride, it didn't help. I did some baking, but had no luck. There were jobs to get done, I had catering work to do, and I just didn't care for it. I had organised a little lunch with two off my best friends and by the time they arrived I was relieved to see them holding bottles of wine. "Is it too early to crack open a bottle now" one of the girls asked. I looked at her sternly and said "I fear it may be too late already!" With that we poured ourselves some wine, moved the dining room table outside into the sunshine, and started to work our way through a feast or a lunch and a blueberry pie. My bad mood melted away, and I felt so grateful for such cheering friends. 

As it often does, one bottle turned into two, and before we knew it the day had nearly passed and we were sitting around full and a little tipsy. The perfect way to spend the day really. I love long lunches where you have time to talk for hours and don't have to rush off anywhere. I think being 24 may be the best year I've had yet. There is so much time for doing all the good things in life, and I spend my time at work baking luscious cakes. 

I hope your afternoon was sunshine and wine drenched. 

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