Sunday, December 30, 2012

To The New Year!

Im not quite sure what happened to this year. It feels like just the other day that I was sitting on a balcony with one of my best friends drinking champagne and welcoming in 2012. This year, like most years of my life has been so full of interesting changes and constant growth. I feel like the person I started the year as is so very different from the girl I am ending the year as. 

This year I catered my first wedding, perfected my tart making skill, threw some lovely dinner parties and of course fell in love a couple of times. 

One of my clearest memories of this year was sitting in a bar with one of my best friends despairing, and saying "I'm just working so hard. All I do is work, and get no where. All I do is go to work, practice recipes, and read cook books with no promise of actually getting any work once I finnish my course." I wanted to cry with frustration. Then three months later I found myself getting a wonderful job, starting my cookie business and somehow fitting into my favourite skinny jeans. Everything just fell into place, suddenly. 

This year I did all the beautiful things I set out to do (apart from remembering to attend yoga classes) and I feel I became the person I wanted to be. This however was not without working the hardest I have ever had to work in my life. 

If I learnt anything this year it would be that you can always do the things you want with your life, if you don't mind a little hard work, and if you have the right friends to back you. 

So here's a little recap of my favourite parts of this year. Hope you're year was beautiful too. x 

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