Sunday, April 29, 2012

A spot of bad luck

Lately I feel like I have been a wee bit unlucky, its like I've done something awful karma wise that I'm not aware of and I'm being made to pay my dept. The problem with this is......I'm pretty sure I haven't done anything too offensive. Mainly I've just been baking cakes, and enjoying the last of my holidays.

Let me explain how badly my 'unlucky streak is'. For starters my pastry school is making me do work placement, as a waitress. I have no idea how this is relevant to being a pastry chef, but I have to do 80 hours of unpayed waitressing work, on top of my normal job, for no payment.....a bit rough if you ask me. Today I fell over in the shower, just stepped in and feel into the scalding hot water and burnt my leg (I was just thankful I didn't brake it though.) I have been getting unexpected bills (I HATE my gym.) But the worst one recently was coming down with food poisoning. I was at a friends house warming party and it was getting late enough that I felt that it was probably time I kissed the boy I had been flirting with all night, when I started to have a queazy feeling in my stomach...... I've had food poisoning once before and knew the I put myself in a cab and went home. I have been so very sick for the last 48 hours, just crumpled up in a ball feeling so very sorry for myself.

I'm planning on sleeping this off until I have to go to school tomorrow, and hope that in between now and then nothing awfully unlucky happens to me.

I hope your day is a bit more lucky than mine

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