Friday, April 27, 2012

A long day, and a wedding cake

Goodness today was long......the sort of long that makes you want to cry a bit. I turned up to work 3 hours early and ended swapping my shift with one of the girls so that I didn't have to go home, only to turn around and come back again. So I sold cup cakes for hours and hours on end. I arrived home 12 hours after I had woken, showered and run from the house, thinking that I was running late, not 3 hours early. So silly.

I felt like I did nothing productive today, no cooking, no painting, no having dinner with friends.......just a long day, that is all.

Yesterday however I did so many beautiful things. I did some work on a wedding cake and made a beautiful Moroccan lamb soup. Its so delicious with cinnamon, tomato, olives, lentils and slow cooked lamb.......amazingly good. I also went to coffee with a new friend. We started just talking about life and the conversation flowed into one of my favourite topics....the correlation between food and intimacy. We talked about meals with people that have stood out the most in our lives, and my mind wandered back to this dinner I had on a deck under the stars, surrounded by 100 candles and drinking red wine until the wee hours of the morning........such beauty.

Its so lovely to have such fond memories of people I have loved so dearly, but on long days like today, sometimes those memories hurt a wee bit more than I would like to admit. Life is so much more complicated than cooking, and even then at times I struggle to understand so many of the recipes I want to make.

I have however finally mastered the wedding cake that I'm working on.......and although this will not solve any of my romance (or lack or romance) problems at the moment, it really is satisfying to watch something work out so well.

I'm glad today is finally over. I know your not meant to wish away time, but I'm so relieved to be at home, with a warm dinner and a glass of red wine, and a wedding cake in the fridge. For now these things are getting me though long days, and a sad heart. 

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