Sunday, April 15, 2012

No coffee

I haven't been doing too much blogging in the last two weeks, and for this I am terribly sorry. You see the thing is I was so overwhelmed with pastry school assignments that I just wanted to hide under my bed. Then an old school friend came to visit, and then my parents came. In between all of this I also got very sick. So these are my valid excuses.

Where to even begin......I've been eating so much good food lately. While my school friend was here, we went from cafe, to restaurant, to bar, to foodie markets for four days. By the time he left my jeans where getting tight and the headache that had begun after the first night he came to stay had turned into a full blown hang over. Oh dear, the life of indulgence is tough!! I was lucky enough to go to a new restaurant called Albert street food and wine, I'll write a little review on it later when I'm not so time poor.

My parents are still here now, so we have been exploring the city and eating out a little bit. Its been nice apart from being sick. I went to the doctor a few days ago and they instructed me to say off wheat, sugar, alcohol, and coffee for two weeks. I smiled and nodded telling the doctor I could easily do this. Really what I was thinking was "WHY, WHY WOULD YOU AKS ME THIS!! LEAVE ME SOMETHING GOOD IN LIFE." Such first wold problems, and I am ashamed at how much I am attached to my coffee, food and wine.

A while ago, after spending some time with some super new age hippies, I convinced myself to give up coffee and alcohol to prove to myself that my happiness does not come from these things.......and its true, it shouldn't. I struggled with the idea for weeks. Trying not to buy a coffee, to be strong. In the end I decided that realistically, it was no big deal, life can be hard, and yucky and a struggle at times, so if a few treats make it a wee bit more enjoyable.....then I'm damn well going to have them........until now when the doctor has taken them away from me.
Wish me luck!

So I'll be back in a few days with some new recipes and restaurant reviews.....but for now, I think I'll have a nap....because I'm on holidays! 

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