Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter treats

There is something so very special about easter. Its the only holiday of the year I really stop. Most of my life feels so crazy at times running around trying to get everything done. Christmas is constantly busy and always leaves me more exhausted than when I started.......there is just so much cooking to be done! Easter though, is actually a break for me. I lay in bed and read books, I bake fresh bread, and drink big cups of tea and coffee out of mugs the size of bowls. This is magic to me.

What I do love though, is the dinner parties. I haven't hosted any for this holiday but I've been lucky enough to be invited to a few. Its wonderful just to sit around with friends, drink wine and unwind.

Last night at a little dinner I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely chef. It was so wonderful to meet someone with the same passions as myself. Often times at parties I will find myself wanting to talk about food. I spend most of my time cooking, at pastry school, reading cook books and studying recipes that talking about this comes so naturally. However not every other 22 year old at a party wants to have a conversation about the new technique you learned and ingredient you're in love with.

Last night however I got to sit and talk to a boy for hours about the lamination process in puff pastry, and how to make a sourdough culture. Such bliss!!

At one of the easter dinner parties I attended I was asked to bring the desert course (I always volunteer to bring desert.......such a good excuse to bake a cake.) I made some salted caramel tarts. I'm all about salted caramel at the moment. I'm not going to lie..........they were kind of amazing. I'll post the recipe up for you some time over the long weekend.

For now though, I'm going to stay in my peter alexander p.j.'s sip a massive cup of coffee, and read a book.

Happy Easter everyone. Hope your resting too. 

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