Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Apple Tart Tartin

Step into my office......... actually clime in, because my office is my bed. Today I have decided to do all my writing from bed. Its really the best place to be when Melbourne is starting to get a little bit cold. I feel I get my most productive work done sometimes from bed (this is such a lie, but just go with it.)

There is really a heap of things I should be doing (cleaning my kitchen, practicing macaroon recipes, etc etc) but its just so cozy today. I think I'll stay wrapped up in my old red jumper drinking a soy latte until I really really have to go do things.

Last night I had a few friends over for dinner and cooked up a little feast for them. We had a tart tartin for desert, and I must say.....I'm kind of in love with them. They are so simple to make its crazy. And they look so impressive. Its like the little black dress of deserts, you through it on and look amazing without putting any effort into it.

Dont get me wrong I am all for making pasta from scratch, home made bread, and other such things that take hours to produce, but sometimes it just amazing to be able to put something together in a couple of minutes when you invite friends over last minute.
So if you also want to look super impressive, heres the recipe for you!

Apple Tart Tartin
4 granny smith apples
1/4 cup of water
3/4 cup of sugar
100g butter
2 sheets of puff pastry cut into rounds the size of your frying pan
1 egg
What to do:
  1. Peel and cut your apples into quarters
  2. Place your sugar and water in a fry pan or skillet that can go in the over. Place it on the stove top and cook the sugar and water on a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved.
  3. Turn the heat to high for about 8 minutes or until the mix is a light caramel colour. Do not stir the mix while it is caramelising, or it wont work, so just swirl the pan.
  4. Slowly stir in your butter (its best if the butter is cut into little cubes) with the mix on a low heat.
  5. Take off the heat and add the apples in a pattern around the edge of the pan and then some in the middle.
  6. Place on sheet of pasty onto of the apples, and brush with beaten egg.
  7. Place the second sheet of pastry on top and again brush with the beaten eggs.
  8. Cut a little criss cross in the pastry
  9. Place the whole thing in the oven at 180 and cook for 30 to 40 minutes. You will know when its ready because the pasty will have puffed up nicely and be golden brown.
  10. Next is the only tricky part. You need to place a plate over the pastry, and flip the whole pan so that the tart comes out, apple side up. The main thing you don't want to do is burn yourself on the hot caramel mix, apart from that its not to hard. 
  11. Then serve it with cream, or ice cream.

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