Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My girls

There is nothing like best friends is there? My mum always makes fun of me because I call about 80% of my friends "my best friend", but its only because there are so many amazingly incredibly ladies in my life (gosh I wish I could say that about men!! Sooooo many amazing men in my life...sigh.....ummm I'm off topic.)

If its just a chat, a bottle of wine, a coffee date, or a long phone call I know these girlies have my back, and its so nice to have that.

I once had a boyfriend who everyday would tell me how wonderful I was. On a daily basis he would let me know I was amazing, beautiful, and could do anything I wanted to. when we stopped dating I felt a little adrift without all this reassurance in myself. I've been learning recently that its so much easier to believe in yourself when you have a personal cheer team in the form of a sexy brunet. Alas this isn't always possible. I was telling one of my best friends this recently, and how I was finding it hard to feel as confident. After we finished talking and she was just about to hang up the phone she stopped and said "Cherry, I think your amazing, and beautiful, and I think your doing so well." At times like these it makes me so grateful I have so many best friends.

So this is just my little thank you to all my girls. I wish it was a cake, or a cookie, or a treat to say thank you.

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