Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anzac Day

Anzac day makes me sad. I didn't realise this until I was on the bus at 5 in the morning and realised that there were tears in my eyes. I miss my grandpa so much some times. We were close.......but not in a very conventional way. He wasn't really one for big displays of affections, or talking about feelings, but we made it work. When my grandma died I took over her job of making up fresh batches of jellies to go with his ice cream, and I hid hundreds of notes around his house, under his pillows, on his desk, on his computer, in the draws telling him I was thinking of him, and that I loved him, just incase he got too lonely. I still feel sad when I think of him, even though he has been gone for over two years now.

So I went to the dawn service to remember him. It was freezing cold, and pouring with rain as I stood by the war memorial getting wetter and wetter as the rain came down. We could hardly see or hear a thing, but we stood there in the dark as it slowly got lighter and shivered. Afterwards a friend and I went and sat in one of those wonderful little ally way cafes, and ate warm porridge with cinnamon and pears. It warmed and cheered us up.

Winter has really set in now, and I felt it so much today as I was out in the rain. Melbourne can be so harsh in winter, but I do love it so much! I love all the cafes with warm cups of coffee, and having friends over for soup and crusty bread. What I don't love is finding that there are holes in my jeans, just when its starting to get cold. Alas! Sometimes new clothes fall so far down on the priority list. I wonder if all pastry students spend the last of their wages on baking ingredients and cake tins? Or is it just me?

I made my favourite chocolate cake today. It was a practice wedding cake for a catering job I'm doing later in the year. Tomorrow I will ice it and post up pictures and a recipe for you. For now though I'm off to bed.

I hope you had a lovely day of remembering those who were so very brave to us.

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