Monday, April 23, 2012

Joy a cup cake review

According to sex in the city (and I do bace a lot of my life on that show) you only get two great loves in your life. If this is true, I'm destined to a life alone. One of my biggest flaws as a person (or you can call it a strength) is that I fall in love.........a lot. All the time. But if I'm honest with myself, I have only really been properly in love twice. Just to clarify, we are talking about men here, not pastries, because the amount of times I have fallen in love with a recipe can not be counted.

Carrie never really got over Big (we're back on sex in the city...keep up) and sometimes I wonder if we ever really get over the people we have once loved. You can move towns, you can move states, change your life, change your hair, change everything about yourself.....but it still doesn't mean you will move on.

I have been baking away my little heart, waiting, waiting, waiting for things to change, but some days, your heart just hurts. This week at a bar, I put myself in a cab and headed home early, afraid of being 'that annoying crying drunk girl' (everyone HATES that girl.) There is no cure for this sadness, but good friends help. Good friends and cake.
One of my oldest friends and I decided to check out a new cake shop today. This helped amazingly, and the place was just lovely.

Melbourne seems to be popping up with cup cake shops all over the place now. This one was called Joy, and its on south bank. The place is cute and chic (it can be hard to get the perfect combination of the two.......if you go too cutesy it can be tacky, too chic and it can look cold.) There is one main table which is communal. I kind of loved this and hated this at the same time. It was sort of festive in that you felt like you were at a big feast, but it made the place seem a bit empty, and you had to sit next to strangers if the place was full.

All the packaging was cute. I liked that they use paper bags instead of plastic.
But down to the important part......the cake. Ok lets get somethings out there first. 1. I work at a cup cake shop, so I'm pretty loyal to there cakes. 2. I'm a pastry student, and can be a little judgmental of cakes. 3. I love dense cakes, not light ones.

The cakes were yummy though, they were super light (and if thats what you like it would be perfect.) There were lots of interesting flavour combinations ranging from classic red velvet cake, to salted caramel, to toffy apple. I loved the sounds of the flavours but felt that they weren't very pronounced in the cakes themselves. I had the salted caramel and chocolate cake, and i really felt that it was more chocolaty than anything else.

The place was cute, and lovely and sweet, and all the cakes are made on sight........but I wouldn't make it my regular treat. If I'm going to eat a cake I really really want those calories to be worth while. This is not to say I don't eat a lot of cake........its just that I eat a lot of really really good cake.

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