Sunday, January 15, 2012

Single in the city.........a valentines day feast

Yesterday I woke up bright and early to a sunny Melbourne morning. Sunday is my favourite day of the week, and for some reason I think that it always feels magic. I'm not sure why. Maybe its the fact that as kids this was the day we always went to church, and then picnics after. It was likely to be a day of treats. Your more likely to score an ice cream on Sunday than on a monday. Unfortunately I didn't feel any magic as I woke up alone. I just felt sad, and longed for other sundays not so long ago when I was waking up next to someone delicious, and then going out for breakfast. The rest of the day would usually be spent looking at art, going to markets, or maybe a quiet pint of cider in the afternoon. These are the sort of sundays I love most.

This is not the sort of sundays I have been getting though. So I pulled my sorry arse out of bed and went for a run. As I ran around an oval I had this awful revelation..... its nearly valentines day. The day every single girl dreads! For some reason, I seem to always be single on this day. Its very strange, because I very rarely are single, but I seem to do a certain 'spring cleaning' before this date and kick everyone I'm dating out of my life. Last year I spent the day working at a new job. I sold thousands of cupcakes to men taking home gifts to their girlfriends. I had three messaged from ex boyfriends, who know how hopelessly romantic I am, and checking that I was ok. "I still love you, and hope your doing well" messages from three failed relationships, is NOT the thing you want on the once day you cant stand being single.

Oh I whinge so much about 'poor little alone me' but in reality, Im ridiculously happy in my self contained life. Its so nice to have all this time with friends, and not have to check in with someone all the time. I just grieve the fact that not dating someone means one less mouth for me to fead with all my experiments I've been cooking up.

This year though, I think I'll through a feast. A valentines feast, and not one of those "oh poor us we are so sad and desperate that we want to get drunk feasts", but more of a celebration of life and love. I truly believe that I have dated some of the nicest people on this planet, and I'm pretty proud of that. My whole life I have loved pretty hard (I don't think thats a term, but you get what I'm saying) and I am proud of that to.

So heres to being single, and I'll let you all know about the dinner party coming up, because your all invited, even if your not single. Lets celebrate love...................and get a little drunk while we are at it.

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