Friday, October 5, 2012

Here Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

From time to time when I get uninspired I go on a little inspiration quest. I watch shows, read books, and magazines, I go to new places and genraly just explore, and look for something to spur me on. I love these times because the more I do it the more I discover about myself, and that is really important to me. I learn things like how much family matter, and how important it is to have friends who genuanlly just want what is best for you. I have learnt that sometimes I much much much prefer I quite night in with a glass of wine instead of a pub full of strangers. I've learnt how beautiful it is to fall in love, but how important it is to fall in love with the right person. I have learnt that sometimes long flowing silk dresses that make you favourite barista exclaim "Goodness you look amazing!", are so much more sexy than tiny short skirts.

Today I am leaving Melbourne to go home and spend time with my family with a week and a half in Queensland. I'm so excited to see my old friends and have family time. Going home is also one of my favourite ways to boost inspiration. I get to rest up, cook for the family, sit on the beach, and sip lattes in nice cafes. Its bliss to be back on the farm.

Two of my friends came out with me for a little girls night last night before I head off. We drank cocktails and sparkling wine in one of my favourite bars. Its nice to know that when I get back to Melbourne I will have so many wonderful friends waiting for me back here.

I know everyone cant run back home to a beach town every time they are worn out and lacking inspiration, so I would like to share with you some of the inspirations that have been getting me by this busy busy term at pastry school.

My Inspirations This Term.

Rachel Khoo 
Rachel is my new favourite celebrity chef. I've been getting so inspired by her cooking (like the pepper meringues I made recently)........but also, her style is AMAZING. Its so fun to see other people doing all the things I dream of doing, and with such style. She has been one of my wardrobe inspirations over the last few weeks. I very very much recommend you check out her recipes, style, and very sweet show called 'The Little Paris Kitchen', where she whips up amazing tasty meals in this tiny tiny space.

Sophie Dahl
This lady is another celebrity chef that I'm loving at the moment. At first I was unsure of the whole model turned chef thing, but after watching her show and reading some of her recipes I fell in love with her work. I love how funny, dramatic and whimsical she is. My favourite thing about her cooking is that it all based on her mood that day. On her show she will do a little segment on sad cooking, and then cooking all the food she makes when feeling down, or she will do a segment on romantic cooking, and tell stories about meals she has cooked for men she once loved (I could totally relate to this....and just her way of thinking in general.) Her food is simple, and usually a little indulgent. I made a mexican dish she prepared on her show and it was so delicious I cooked it over and over again that week. 

Clare Bowditch 
No, this one is not a chef, but she is another beautiful inspiring wonderful woman. Clare Bowditch is one of my favourite musicians, who place so much soulful, beautiful music, that it always cheers me up and makes me jump out of bed when I'm feeling a little low. I love listening to this music when I cook.

Albert Street Food and Wine.
I'm not so sure if this place counts as inspiration? Its more just one of my favourite places to go for a cocktail when I need a martini and some girl talk. The place just received a hat, and the food is great (but a bit on the expensive side when your a pastry student, so we usually just stick to one cheeky cocktail.)

House of Humble
House of humble is a little blog by a Melbourne couple. Its just about there lives as a newly wed couple, and the things they get up to. Its really beautiful to read about these two lovely people doing their lives together, thrift shopping, going to cute cafes and making craft. It makes me remember to enjoy the simple, beautiful things in life. 

So I hope all these beautiful things that are making me so happy can inspire you too! Soon I'll be posting more yummy recipes, but until then, have a lovely day. 

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  1. You're wonderful and wise. I love this:

    "I've learnt how beautiful it is to fall in love, but how important it is to fall in love with the right person."