Sunday, September 23, 2012

Coin Laundry and coconut cake

I feel like every time I write this blog I go on and on about how busy I have been. This week has been no exception. No matter how much I have wanted to sit and type out this blog, I just haven't found the energy to do it. So here I find myself at seven o'clock on a sunday night sitting in the laundry matt finally getting it done.

One of my best friends believes that no matter how happy your feeling, going to a laundry mat will always make you feel sad. I have had some very boring laundry mat experiences, and some sad memories of lugging half dry clothes home in the rain.....but for some reason the laundry mat still holds a tiny bit of mystique for me. I think its because one a boy I liked came with me on one of my clothes washing trips and spent the whole time serenading me with love songs and playing acoustic songs he had written while we sat on the plastic chairs, or maybe its that Lisa Mitchell song about meeting a boy at the coin laundry. Either way, every time I come here I am certain something terribly romantic will happen. Maybe I will meet the love of my life here (gosh I hope not! that would mean he cant afford a washing machine either!) But I started this whole long story to stress the point that....sunday night has been the only chance I have had to steal away to the coin laundry and wash my bits and bobs.

Although this week has been hectic and crazy and busy there have been a lot of fun things happening too. It was my housemates birthday, and it felt like a whole week of celebrations, which gave me several excuses to try out some new cake recipes. I love birthdays for this very reason! No birthday seems complete without lots of treats and loads of flowers......and these just happen to be two of my favourite things.

I made a huge coconut cake from a recipe I found in a magazine last week for my housemates family dinner. It was so delicious and moist and coconuty! I really do recommend it. I'll leave you with the recipe next time I write a blog post.....because well, there is a bar across the road and I might just pop in for a wee glass of whine while my whites are being washed, since there is no romance blooming at the coin laundry.

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