Friday, August 17, 2012

My little kitchen

The things that are going on in my little house and kitchen these days:

There is always a creative project. Someone is always doing something creative, something interesting, something inspiring. There is much talk of growth......of wanting more out of life, of finding more in life, doing things with meaning. Doing beautiful things
 There is fresh bread. To be precise, there is fresh kale and cheese bread. Its delicious and lovely, and goes very well with a roast chicken on a winter night. My housemate and I made up this lovely little loaf, and I'll be sharing the recipe with you asap!
 There is always cookies in our house. I love the fact that before my friends even sit down to have a chat they help themselves to sugar cookies. It makes me so happy to see people feeling so much at home that they can help themselves to baked good.
 There are dance parties.....all the time. Unplanned dance parties happen every day, usually twice a day, when someone gets soooooo sick of sitting and doing homework, or working on a project or just sick of goes up and little dance parties happen. If I'm having an extra bad day I'll dance on the chair to try to shake off my bad mood........if I'm overly excited about something I'll get up on the table and dance.
 The fridge is always filled with organic fresh vegetables.......its great. We feast on them all the time, and have friends over for dinner a lot. Everything is so lovely and healthy that I have to counteract this by eating chocolate and raspberry makes things feel more balanced.
There are lovely friends who drop in. There are lovely friends who call up. I love that my best guy friend calls "just to get some gossip" off me every few days. It makes me giggle that we talk about who dated who and who said what......just for fun, and then get back to our normal grown up lives.
I have been looking for the cutest outfits! And I really love love love this one! Especially the hat! A good outfit can be so very cheering. 

And sometimes when I'm not working, or cooking, or playing with friends I have been going on dates......because I decided it would be fun, and you know what? It really is. So there is much talk in this house of "goodness what should I wear?" "Where should I go?" and then later "what did they where?" and "where did you end up going?" Its such lovely light hearted rot that it really makes me quite happy.
So these are all the beautiful things that make me want to wake up early every morning. These are the little things that have me jumping out of being, and making me feel very grateful...... just because there are wonderful things going on in my little house and kitchen....and life.

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