Monday, May 7, 2012

On being nice....and sugar cookies

So winter has finally hit Melbourne and its freezing cold. The best place to be this time of year is in bed, and tomorrow I plan on doing just I'm a bit sick again. At the moment I feel like I get better from one thing and the next thing sets in, its so very frustrating. On top of that I've been crazy busy with work experience and work so life has been super hectic. Despite the cold, winter somehow seems to make all of this a bit more tolerable. Warm coats, hot chocolates, and big fluffy blankets seems to make everything just that little bit better.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the concept of being 'nice.' I brought up this subject with a couple of my friends in Melbourne after one of my shifts at work experience. I was feeling frustrated because everyone I met at the hotel was treating me like this sweet little 'nice' girly girl. I thought this was ridicules because its so far from the way I view myself, and was a bit confused when my friends confirmed the idea that I came across as 'sweet' and 'nice' and 'wouldn't hurt a fly'. At first I really really really rejected these ideas, because the idea of 'nice' to me seems so......vanilla and I've spent the past five years since I've been living out of home pushing myself, my ideas and my concepts on life, that I thought maybe hopefully I would come across as open minded, experienced, or a little street smart............but apparently not.

It reminds me of the time one of my boyfriends described me as a 'girly girl.' I was so surprised as I had been under the misconception that I was a little bit tough. When I stopped to think about it however, I realised how ridiculous my ideas of myself where. Also when I became aware of how girly I was coming across to people I decided to embrace it..........I went out that day and bought two new dresses.

So for days I have been trying to think of reasons why I should not be put into the 'nice' stereotype. I tried to explain to a friend how 'not nice' I was while I was delivering a fresh batch of brownies to her house. I tried to explain how awful I have been at times in my life to my housemate as I baked a batch of cookies for one of the girls at my work. I tried to think up reasons why I shouldn't be nice, and ways to counteract these idea people have of me............but for goodness sake if shaving my head didn't do the trick I don't know what will.

In the end I decided maybe it doesn't matter so very much. I gave up on the idea, and got back to icing my sugar cookies. And you know what? They taste super nice

I've been really caught up on the idea of making sugar cookies lately. I love how tricky they are to get neat (you can tell this because mine are a mess!) but how cute they look when they work out. I'm still working on the recipe and perfecting it, but I'm hoping to use them for weddings and such when I get better at them. I've seen some super cute ones of wedding dresses, that people have placed on the tables at wedding parties for little presents. So super cute. 

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