Saturday, March 31, 2012

Caramel cake

This week I've been a little homesick...... Its been my sisters birthday and everyone is at home celebrating except for me. Its awful not to be there making the birthday feast and drinking wine with my dad. I miss these things so much. I miss these people so much. Its funny the things you miss when you move away from home. Its always the little things. Cooking in my parents kitchen, going to my favourite cafe near the beach, long runs to the ocean. Going to coffee with my mum. Its all the little things that make up your day to day life, the things you can take for granted and then miss the most.

My eyes have been a little misty lately every time I think of home, because here in Melbourne all my energy is going into assignments, working, saving money and trying not to get sick. All the dreary things in life. Gosh I miss luxury!

I miss wine that cost more than $5, I miss buying large coffees, I miss stockings without runs in them, I miss buying new clothes.........

but really I just miss home.

Alas for being homesick...... but all little pastry chefs must soldier on right? RIGHT!
So this week I entered a cake in a little bake sale comp at a community market. I wasn't 100% happy with the cake, and only got third prize.........All the big greek nona's beat me with there years of experience. What can you do?

The cake was pretty though. I'll post up the recipe for you this week. I hope your having a lovely day and not home sick wherever you are. I'm off to work to eat some chocolate brownie cakes....and maybe do some work too. 

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