Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cherry bakes a cherry pie.

A conversation between myself and a friend early this morning :

Friend: Oh I'm running late for the train
Me: Well don't leave the house until you finnish the breakfast I made you.
Friend: Yep I will. What are you doing while I'm at work today.
Me: Oh I just want to clean the bathroom and the kitchen, do some food shopping. House things.
Friend: Well I'll be home in time for dinner, when your friend come over.
Me: Ok give me a call when you know what time. Don't forget the lunch I packed you.
Friend: Cherry.......has anyone told you that you are SUCH a house wife.
Me: Yes, all the time.

And it is true. Its so very very true, because I am more than content on the days I get to stay at home, potter around, do some cooking and have friends over for dinner. None of this nightclub business for me. I'm all about the baking of pies, the making of jams, and the preserving of lemons these days. This is what is keeping me happy over the holidays, and I think its wonderful.

Today I am baking a cherry pie, for some friends who are coming for dinner. Feel free to make jokes about it. Cherry making a cherry pie........hilarious. Yes I have heard them all. Every fruit related joke you can think of....I have heard it. What I'm wondering is, why has it taken me 22 years to embrace this, and bake a cherry pie? I have no idea. So that is what I will be doing today. Pottering around my little flat, in a frilly apron, baking.

If the recipe works out well I'll post it up for you, and you can all make jokes about 'Cherry's cherry pie' and feel witty and amused. I however will remain demure, ignore your jokes, and get back to rolling out pastry.

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