Sunday, October 23, 2011

Let them eat cake

Life is never black and white. I have been learning this a lot recently, as many many shades of grey have been slipping in and out of my life. Lately, I have been approaching everything with a very Marie Antoinette attitude of "let them eat cake," as I believe I could have all the decadence of life and love with no precautions.

This famous queen with no clue on how to deal with the political climate was rumoured to tell the poor to 'eat cake' in order to quench there starvation. She was so detached from reality she didn't even understand the ramifications of these words that have been remembered for centuries.
Lately, I have been like this queen. So detached from reality and high on my own self importance that I didn't realise how silly I have been acting. 'Let them eat cake' has been my attitude as I have let my emotions run wild too freely without looking at the possible outcome.

I bet Marie Antoinette regretted these words, but she can never get them back now. Sometimes I regret loving and caring too much, because once you give away a little part of your emotions you can't get them back.
She cared about these people, but probably spoke too flippantly. I know the feeling. So we are both stuck with a shit load of cake, and a wee bit of pain in the heart.

Why must life be a little complex Marie Antoinette?

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