Thursday, July 21, 2011


I have never dated a stingy man in my life. At the age of fifteen my first boyfriend saved up $100 of his pocket money to buy me a silver inscribed ring. I am now twenty-one and have had the privilege of experiencing more rings with that same sentiment, jewellery, five-star hotels, holidays in the mountains, expensive perfumes, nice restaurants, wine, clothes, lingerie, shoes, bed and breakfasts, and the list goes on. None of this I even asked for. Some of it I didn't even want. All I have ever done is loved in my simple way, cooking, and giving from the heart...and this is how I was often repaid.

So it didn't surprise me at all today when I received a big box of fruit delivered to my door from an ex-boyfriend as a 'get well present.' I wanted to savour every last piece of fruit in memory of this person. If I had the heart to, I would have baked all the apples into cakes, and made blueberry pancakes, but I couldn't.

There is no blessing in receiving gifts in exchange for love when all you want is pure, raw love. One gets sick of sorry presents when one has to keep forgiving. To this day I have every piece of jewellery ever given to me by a boy...and I don't wear one bit of it. But I like to think the boys I have dated are probably a little bit healthier due to my feeding.

I believe we all just want to be loved on a ground, base level. I cook when I love someone because it's caring for their core needs...hunger, warmth, comfort. That makes sense to me. I think deep makes sense to us all. I am tired of gifts, and ready for the real

Actually for goodness sake....... Why mope? I'll have my damn pancakes if i want to. Not even a boy can wreck that for me. Here is one of donna Hays recipes for pancakes

ricotta hotcakes with maple butter


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