Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to school.

So finally I'm back to school this week. It's so good to be back in the kitchen learning again. Life is, as usual, crazily hectic and I've realised that I won't be having a day off in three weeks. For some reason this no longer bothers me. I'm not sure if I'm simply getting used to the workload or my attitude has changed. I'm no longer viewing everything as this big hard challenge...but instead I'm viewing it as more fun. I promised myself I would make more of an effort this term to do more social things. I get so caught up in working and school at times that I can find it a bit intimidating to do new things around the city. It can be a little bit scary at times...but I've decided to face my fears head first, and start saying "yes" to things.

It's good timing too, as I've had extra itchy feet over the last two weeks. I have this longing for summer where all I want to do is let my hair down and have some fun. One of my closest friends back home gave me some good advice this week saying "don't forget to live like how we did in the summer of '09." Ah those days! I've been hankering for them so badly. I just want to go back to that year of no responsibilities and live it over and over again. The thing is though, we have all grown up. That year will never be again. So I need to find ways to live that year but still line it up with my city life of school, work, study, and staying organised.

It can be confusing to work out where I stand in between these two lives. I was feeling a bit discouraged about it today. Life can get a wee bit frustrating at time. Things don't usually come easy and my love life is ever non-existent (because I'm so busy) or a mess (I have no explanations for this one). I felt like hiding in the bathroom at school and crying, but instead I pulled my head together and put my chin up. As I stepped into the lift a lovely man from Peru introduced himself to me, and walked me part way to work. "Maybe you will be free to do something with me tomorrow afternoon?" he asked. Suddenly my friend's second piece of advice for the day came in handy...not only was I meant to live like the summer of '09, I should just pretend I'm in 'Sex in the City' everyday. "Maybe," I replied to him Super smooth.

Maybe this term won't be so bad.

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