Friday, January 16, 2015

French lessons and Moulin Rouge

Today I just have a pretty lazy day in Paris. I understand that this city is full of culture and wonderful sights, many of which I have seen, but at the same time I am very much enjoying its simple pleasures. For the last two years I have worked two of the most exhausting and wonderful jobs of my life that have kept me so very busy I've hardly had time to just be. Often I would miss meals, or quickly eat while standing up. This has become the normal for me. A lot of my down time got taken up dating some wonderful (and not so wonderful) eccentric, and creative people, and although it was lovely, I am very much in need of some alone time. So this is exactly what I have been doing. I have done a lot of getting lost on the streets of paris but even more sitting in cafes writing for hours. In the first few days I got all the sights out of the way and then settled in to actually just live here. I feel like I'm making up for all the meals I missed and all the days that I spent at work when I should have been at home resting.

The area my little flat is in is so great. The more I explore the more amazing places I discover that I wish I knew about days ago. There are so many restaurants and bars that I want to go into. Apart from that I have been doing a lot of shopping, and even just a lot of relaxing in my little apartment, reading books and drinking wine. I thought that being in Paris alone might be lonely, but I meet people everywhere. The man at the pastry shop I go to every morning is teaching me how to say all the pastries, and last night when I went to dinner I chatted with the owner of the restaurant. Apart from this though its just nice to be here. My friends are always sending me funny photos and messages from back home, and this makes me so happy, know that this is what I will be going home to.

I am nearly towards the end of the writing project that I came here to do. Its been so lovely just to have the time to write without disturbance. Tonight however I'm off to see the Moulin Rouge! I'm pretty excited for it!

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