Monday, July 8, 2013

Winter treats

Today I have gone back to bed. I have turned on the heater to warm up a bread dough I was resting in the fridge over night, and decided that maybe I'd just take a rest along with it. Melbourne winter has really settled in and I've realised how much I love this season, with its clear sunny days, crisp air and freezing nights to curl up under loads of blankets. Everything is prettier in winter and I have taken to baking some beautiful treats to keep my little house warm, and my friends full. 

Last week one of my good friends had an engagement party and I was lucky enough to be able to get envolved by making a cake for the night. I had such a wonderful (and stressful) time working out how to cover the cake in ruffles and keep all the tiny pearls from falling off.

Winter has really felt like the perfect season for making bakery goods. After spending my last two days off fussing over a cake, I really wanted to get stuck into making some rustic breads and pastries on my weekend. Making bread is just so very wonderful, and a bit like falling in love, as you watch your dough puff up all light with air, get knocked back, puff up again, get shaped, and then finally be baked into something so beautiful.

I also made a batch of homemade pies with a rough puff pastry which was surprisingly easy to make. I have to say though....this is NOT a diet food (but then little of the food made in this house is.........actually none of it is.) There is so much butter! While making it I felt a little bit horrified, but after I tasted that flakey pastry, I sort of forgot. I have adopted a new strategy to dealing with such things lately anyway. I have decided that if I gain a little bit of winter weight I will simply buy a new dress. In turn if I loose a little bit of winter weight I will also buy a new dress. See where Im going with this? New dress! And of course.....if I just stay the same, I'll probably just buy a new dress? 

I've also ventured into the world of ice cream making lately. It was something we used to do a bit at culinary school but only recently since finding a little ice cream maker at the second hand shop have I really started to get back into it. Whenever I make ice cream I always thing back to the scene in the movie 'Its Complicated' where the fifty year old leading ladies' ex husband comes to visit, and sadly tells her how much he misses her lavender ice cream that she made from scratch.This scene always makes me laugh, and reminds me of my boyfriend from when I was twenty who still calls me from time to time to say "Cherry I've fallen in love with this beautiful girl, she is so pretty and funny......but she cant cook. Wont you come back and cook me dinner? I miss your cooking. I love this girl, but I miss your cooking." To me this was the greatest compliment. 

Im not quite sure what recipe to leave you with this week, as I have been testing out so many new ones. I think for now I best get back to curling up in bed with a book and cup of tea. I promise to post something yummy for you to cook soon.....bed bed is calling. 

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