Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little cookies and what not

Over the last few days I had been feeling a little uninspired. Being on holidays is divine, but what I really wanted to do, was get out of the house and have a look at what other beautiful creative things that were going on around me. Most of the time I'm visiting friends our cooped up in my kitchen trying to create something I wanted to see what the rest of the world was doing! 

This beautiful big picture is what I found. It was taller than me, and oh so so beautiful. I felt like it looked a little like me with my short hair, and I just loved it so much!

 I also discovered a really cool new cafe near my house. There was a sign on the door that said "No hawkers, and no bloggers." I wondered if that applied to me? Surely I'm a nice blogger? Hmmm all the same I think I will just drink there coffee and do no writing about them!

I found a new florist, and it was full of kale flowers, which I just love. I would fill my room with them if the weren't SO expensive!
 So I came home inspired and ready to do something creative again. It was a friends birthday so I made her little fairy cakes with a sign......and some sugar cookies.....because I just cant get enough of making sugar cookies.
 These tiny cakes drove me mad with their drizzly glaze that dripped all over my kitchen and not so much all over the cakes. I was 'full of rage' and wanted to through them all in the bin by the time I was done.........but kinda glad I didn't because they were very yummy.

My housemate just came home from a huge trip overseas for a few last night I made her a huge welcome home feast. We had a pork roast with apples and macadamia nuts and roast was lovely. For desert I made a raspberry, macadamia chocolate tart with a cinnamon crust. It was very tasty!

 Ill post up the recipe for you next time. Hope your having a lovely day and feeling inspired too!

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