Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Busy life and sugar cookies

As per usual life is being pretty hectic...... My sister just got engaged which is so very exciting, and means more menu planing which I really do love. Yesterday at work my head was full of recipes for a friends wedding which is also coming up soon. I could hardly concentrate because all my thoughts went like this: "Don't over whip the mouse otherwise it spread evenly, the cream must be at the right consistency, if I make 5 batches of pastry using 300g of flour per batch how many tarts will I get (the answer is somewhere around 70), how many lemons do I need?" You get the picture. 

Apart from this my headspace has been filled with my silly waitressing work experience. If I hear "Cherry baby you're so cute, when will you come home with me? You know I love you baby," one more time....I will scream, or cry, or both at the same time. Three shifts to go, and then I am done. I only really put up with this kind of behaviour (although I discourage it as much as possible) because I am given free macaroons. Sigh. 

The sugar cookie making is going amazingly well though. I have fallen in love with sugar cookies, and making them. I really can't get enough of it. I think I'm the only 22 year old I know that spends her last $10 for the week on new piping pieces, and gets excited when vanilla essence is on sale. I have however totally come to terms with this.....mostly. 

Next I plan to move onto gourmet cup cakes, and piping techniques for them. I'll keep you updated either way. 

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