Monday, January 2, 2012

Poaching eggs

Last year when things got oh so busy with studying two courses, I thought to myself from time to time "wouldn't it be nice to have a breakdown?" I could just lay in bed all day and watch 100's of episodes of mindless t.v. shows, and not feel any pressure to do anything, or be anywhere. It just seemed so.......lovely. Well obviously I am not stupid enough to really believe that It would be 'nice' to have a breakdown. From what I've heard they are awful, and not very restful at all.

Today I announced to my housemate that I was in fact having a 'breakdown' as I have hardly left the house for three days, and am completely content with this. In reality land (a place I sometimes choose not to live) I think I'm just having a holiday. A real one. Not the sort where I go home and see a different friend everyday, or where I go out to bars and drink with friends. Its the sort of holiday that I used to take with my boyfriend back home. We would pack up our bags, go someplace nice and!!

So this is what I have been doing for the last few days. My life has fallen into a strange little pattern. I wake up late, poach some eggs, read a bit, maybe watch a show, potter around my room, look at recipes, look at food blogs, take a few calls, stretch out on my bed, go for a little jog, potter around some more, see some friends for a few hours at dinner time, and go home to read some more. Its divine. I keep planning on doing things, like cooking, or cleaning, or going to the gym, but it just doesn't happen. I am perfectly content in my little snail shell at home here. Everyday I compose a list in my head of all the things I am going to do the next day......and the knowledge that I plan on doing something keeps me satisfied until the next day, when I don't do it, but make plans for the next day.

I know I will snap out of this soon. I have a theory that somehow I know subconsciously what works for me best. So when its the right time to get busy again, then bam! I'll feel like doing it. It usually works, but until then I'll continue with this mini holiday.

So apparently......this is meant to be a food blog. Im so sorry about the lack of food that has been mentioned. I like to think people do read this to find out about cooking tips and not just listen to "they unsuccessful yet very eventful love life of Cherry Murphy."

As I am on my mini holiday I actually haven't been doing too much cooking. The one think I have been making a lot of though, is poached eggs. My housemate asked me recently how to make them, and I realised that I get asked this often. Its one of those skills in life (yes poaching eggs is a life skill) that not many people know how to do well. To me its like falling in love (incredibly easy and I do it all the time) but apparently a lot of people don't know how (to poach eggs......not fall in following me here?) So I'm going to give you my sneaky egg poaching tips.

Poaching an egg

You will need:
1tbs of vinegar
a pot
a slotted spoon

What to do:
Ok its really just need the tips
  1. Fill up your pot half full with water and add the vinegar.
  2. Bring the water to a simmer. You don't the water to be bubbling fast or it will break up your eggs, and you don't want it to not be hot enough or your eggs wont want to hold together. So simmering water is perfect.
  3. Now a lot of people will tell you to stir the water and what not, but I say that is rubbish. Just crack your egg, as close as you can to the surface of the water and gently drop it in. You really want to be careful with it and treat it with some respect.
  4. Then just leave it be for about 2 minutes, or more. It probably takes between 2 to 5 mins to poach depending on how soft or hard you like it. You can use the slotted spoon to lift it up and check it. Just poke it with your finger to feel how runny it is.
  5. Once it's done, simply lift it out and eat it. The good thing about using the slotted spoon is that you don't have to drain the egg, the water should just run off, and you wont have soppy toast.

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  1. THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!! For some reason, poached eggs have always been a mystery to me.