Monday, January 23, 2012

Burning toast and sorting out life

So its been a year since I started this blog. A blog that has witnessed a huge improvement in cooking, and a vast one in myself too. Its nice to see that I have been able to maintain something for a year (its just a shame that it wasn't a relationship......but that is neither here nor there to me at the moment.) Its also been one full year in Melbourne. One crazy crazy full year. It has been one of the happiest years of my life, but at times also very hard.

In honour of turning 22 tomorrow I stayed in bed all day, only making trips out of the house to buy coffee. It has been delicious. I also gave one last 21 year old romance a go, and as this year has been the year of failed relationships, it promptly followed suite, and four days in came crashing down. I'd love to say it was wildly romantic. I'd love to say I cooked this boy a beautiful feast. I'd like to say it made me insanely happy. In reality though, after a couple of 'sort of dates' I cooked the boy burnt toast when he came over for breakfast, and sent him packing. I told this to an ex and he was horrified. He proclaimed that if I had ever served him that he would have immediately presumed something was wrong and head for the door as fast as he could.

We all make mistakes though, and this was my last 21 year old mistake. I'm ok with that. I've made peace with it.

So what I have learnt this year, apart from how to make croissants from scratch is, I really like who I am. In fact, I love it. I am so insanely content in who I am, that not even bad dates will leave me out of sorts (bad cakes ....yes, will break my heart) and I don't need a lover to make me happy, because I have such brilliant friends. I feel I am one of the luckiest girls in the world, because this year I got just about everything I wanted.

Today a man called me up from a job agency and said "your teachers gave me your number, along with an amazing reference, would you possibly mind coming in for an interview as a sous chef at a new up an coming restaurant?" I have a feeling that 22 is going to be an amazing year.

So thank you for reading this blog.......for a whole year. It wont be stopping here, as its all onward and upward from now on. Keep an eye out.......because just maybe I'll one day be the next big thing in the cooking world (especially if I keep eating all the cakes I bake.)

Thank you...... that is all

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