Saturday, November 26, 2011


The best things in life come free...this is something I struggle to believe as I walk around the David Jones food department. This place is like heaven to me, but today it just made me want to cry. You see, I've never taken too well to being a student. Poverty has never sat too well with me. My grandpa always used to joke that he was 'upper middle class' and we would make fun of his snobbishness. Sometimes though I wonder if some of this mentality didn't rub off on me.

Don't get me wrong, I have no stigma in thinking I'm better than anyone at all. I don't even mind not being able to buy expensive clothes and shoes. I don't use expensive facial products, and cheap makeup doesn't bother me.

Cheap food however is something I have never, and probably will never come to terms with. I will happily walk half an hour in the rain home every day if I have to, but going one day without a coffee is enough to bring a tear to my eye. Cheap wine is better than none, but these days...there is often just none.

Nothing makes me happier than a full stocked pantry, and I find a certain bliss in knowing that if I want to bake a cake at anytime, there will be all the ingredients just waiting there for me. This, however, never happens these days.

This week I'm hating being a student, but will have to make do with lentils and miso soup. I'm counting my blessings (as my mum always taught me to) and sometimes having no money makes you realise all the wonderful things you have.

Here is my list today:
  • Amazing friends and family
  • The Miso soup I had for breakfast
  • My best friend who sent me some vegetables
  • The Italian boy at school who offered to help me move houses even though we have never had much of a conversation beyond 'what did you do on the weekend', 'have you done the assignment yet', 'do you understand this recipe?', 'I'm so hung over', and 'how's work going.' It blessed my heart so much. "I have a car" he assured me (I think I was meant to be impressed) but I was just so overcome by the generosity of this boy who only really knows me as the girl who asks too many questions in cooking class.
  • Having a good book to read (I got it from the opp shop for $2 yesterday.)
  • The sunny weather
  • Going for a run
  • A girl with blue hair
  • Realising how strong I am when I feel like everything is falling apart
  • The one glass of very awful tasting wine that is left in an old bottle, that I will drink tonight.
So really, I'm a bit rich, even when I feel every bit poor.

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  1. love ur perspective mon cherie.....
    lov you!!!
    xx megssy b