Thursday, September 8, 2011

Watermelon and Haloumi Salad

It's like someone flicked a switch, and no longer am I sitting around moping while holding onto a bottle of cheap red wine. All of a sudden I don't want to be alone, hidden under my doona, and life has blossomed into something beautiful. It's safe to say spring has officially arrived...and not just in the weather. My own personal winter seems to have ended as well.

So I'm all ready for the next season in my life. I've started running regularly again and doing the things I love. I dyed my hair back to red, and eat chocolate raspberry sandwiches for breakfast. I have stopped worrying about money (how can I worry about it when I have none to worry about?) I have even switched from Merlot to Shiraz (it's more 'springy'). The fact that I no longer have to live under three layers of clothes all the time also makes me feel so much more free. Normally I love winter...but my first one in Melbourne felt so very long and hard and I am glad it's over.

Time is flying by so very, very quickly and suddenly I have found myself nearly at the end of term again. Soon I will be knee high in tests, cooking examinations, and 'work-flow plans.' Surprisingly I am not at all stressed (yet). I've gotten used to the end of term rush and the stress of trying to be so very organised with my recipes and cooking times. In saying that...I am starting to look ghostly. Around this time of every term my face seems to's like I age several years in several weeks. I'm probably the only person who can notice it, but I feel as though I could pack all my possessions in the bags that rest under my eyes. I forget what it feels like to have a weekend. It is going to be such bliss to have a holiday after not having two days off in a row in ten weeks.

I'm so very glad the spell of winter has finally been broken. I'm not sure what's changed in me? Maybe it's genuinely just the change of weather that's making life feel more pleasant. Or possibly, like Cinderella, all I needed was a little spring kiss to wake me up again.

I've got a really simple recipe for you today that I ate recently at a friend's house. It's very 'spring' so I felt it would be appropriate given my topic. I'm a bit unsure of the quantities of the ingredients but I think its the sort of thing you can just use however much you like of each thing. I hope you enjoy it!

Watermelon and Haloumi Salad

You will need:
  • 250 g of haloumi sliced thinly
  • About 2 cups of watermelon diced (preferably seedless so you don't have to pick out the seeds)
  • Half a bunch of basil
What to do:
  1. Ok it's ridiculously simple. So fry your haloumi in a little bit of olive oil until golden on both sides
  2. Dice your watermelon
  3. Pick the leaves off the bunch of basil
  4. Mix it all together and serve on a big's super yummy

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