Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baked Ricotta

Over the last few days I have been casually watching my emotions. I have made an executive decision not to get involved in them at all...but just watch them from afar. To be honest they confuse me too much to delve into. I know things are quite a bit off as I have proceeded to change my hair colour, trash my room with clothes, ignore my homework and become exasperatingly caught up in my thought world.

All I can do though is wait. So that's what I am doing. This will get better...I am very sure of it. While it passes though, I just have to contain my emotions enough so that I don't start screaming "You broke my heart, you F*$#@ing Idiot" on the train to the general public on my way home.

There are good things about having your heart a little broken though. All your emotions can easily be channeled into creativity. I find that the times when I'm going through really hard things are often the most rewarding times as well. So I hired out some books from the library today and got super inspired by some amazing recipes.

I'm having a small food affair with ricotta cheese at the moment. For years I never paid any attention to this cheese with its funny texture and blandish taste. However, mix it with some spices, herbs and bake it, you will find it makes this amazing transition from plane old boring cheese to a super cheese. I'm getting a bit over-dramatic here, I understand, but you really must try it. It's also great mixed with honey and cinnamon and baked as well.

I won't give you a recipe for this one as it's so very, very simple. Just take a chunk of ricotta, season it, throw on some spices from your herb collection and drizzle some oil. Then put it in a moderate oven and cook for about 30 minutes.

If you want to make a sweet one, simply mix ricotta with honey and cinnamon, place in an oiled muffin tin or small ramekin and bake until it's firm on the outside.

Let me know what you think......

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